5 courses to learn digital marketing

5 courses to learn digital marketing



Digital transformation, marketing & strategy: specialized master with emlyon business school

This master’s degree specializing in digital transformation, marketing and strategy trains and prepares the young managers of tomorrow to manage digital transformation within companies. Through a personalized follow-up, this course offers you the opportunity to access various professions, impacted by new technologies: marketing, innovation, sales, services, etc. A bac+4 level is required to follow this training.

Duration: 13 months
Type of teaching: in center
Public admitted: student
Price: €20,000, fundable CPF

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Digital marketing: developing your business, finding customers with Digi Atlas

This training helps you develop your online business using the levers of digital marketing. It is aimed at both freelancers, self-employed people, but also employees wishing to develop their skills in this area. On the program: weekly virtual classes, video course materials and personalized coaching to meet your needs. In particular, you will learn how to create, manage or optimize your site, your personal branding, your natural referencing and your communities on social networks.

Duration: 5 months flexible
Type of teaching: distance learning
Public admitted: Employee in post, job seeker and company
Price: €1,690, fundable CPF

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Digital marketing, Facebook and Instagram with Kalyane

The objective of this training is to design an optimal digital strategy to increase your visibility on the web. This certifying course gives you the keys to understanding digital marketing, mastering and building a digital strategy and launching your communication on social networks. Through the design of a specific action plan, you measure the performance of your campaigns.

Duration: tailor-made, contact the organization
Type of teaching: distance learning
Public admitted: current employee, job seeker, company
Price: from €1,500 to €4,900 depending on the formula chosen, CPF fundable

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digital marketing certificate with Media Institute

The digital marketing certificate validates your skills in digital strategy, SEO, social networks and mastery of business communication tools, learned during the training. In front of a professional jury, you will be able to deploy a digital strategy adapted to new customer journeys, measure the impact of your digital communication actions, and carry out a webmarketing project by clearly advising your interlocutors.

Duration: 70h face-to-face and 40h in e-learning and tutored
Type of teaching: in center and at a distance
Public admitted: current employee, job seeker, company
Price: €5,900, fundable CPF

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Digital Marketing and Innovation: Bachelor of Science with EDHEC Business School

At the end of this certifying and diploma training, you will be able to understand the impact of digital on the strategy of a company, to animate a community, to pilot and measure webmarketing actions, to manage a website and to use the digital acquisition levers. To follow this course, a bac+2 and 6 months of professional experience are necessary.

Duration: 1 year
Type of teaching: distance learning
Public admitted: current employee, job seeker, company, student
Price: €9,450 – indicative price, non-fundable CPF

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These offers come from the MaFormation site (HelloWork group, publisher of the BDM).

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