Bryce James Is Almost As Tall As LeBron In Striking New Photo


LeBron Jam is heading into his 20th season with the NBA. It is clear that NBA fans are excited to see what kind basketball he brings. James will be 38 years old in this season’s NBA season. However, it is expected that he will still be one of the top five players in the league. This is the longest time anyone has lived this long, and it’s clear that James will one day be able to play with his two sons Bronny Jr.


Bryce is only 15 years old, but he is already approaching LeBron in height. A new photo of Bryce, which went viral on Twitter, shows that he is nearly as tall as LeBron (6’8″). You can see that Bryce is only a few inches short of LeBron, who stands at 6’8″.

This photo was instantly shared by NBA Twitter, where tons of people commented on Bryce’s NBA prospects. Bryce is considered a better player than Bronny. If any one of these players is going to make it to the NBA, it will be Bryce. Bryce is believed to have all the qualities of a NBA star. However, that is a lot of pressure for someone who only played last season on their Junior Varsity team.

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