32 million in cryptocurrencies stolen from BlueBenx?  Customers between doubt and anger

32 million in cryptocurrencies stolen from BlueBenx? Customers between doubt and anger



Soft focus – The exchange platform cryptocurrencies Brazilian company BlueBenx has announced that it lost $32 million in a hack. However, the lack of information about the attack and its timing leaves some users skeptical to say the least.

$32 million stolen from BlueBenx

Blue Benx is a centralized exchange that operates in Brazil. On Sunday August 14, this one announcement to its users to have been the target of attack.

According to information provided by the exchange, the attacker managed to steal the equivalent of $32 million in cryptocurrencies. Following this attack, the platform suspended withdrawals for all of its users.

Surprisingly, the company did not communicate about the hack on any of its social networks or on its blog.

The only information available on the supposed attack was communicated to users of the platform by email.

Last week, we suffered an extremely aggressive hack of our cryptocurrency liquidity pools. After relentless attempts to resolve, today we began our security protocol with the immediate suspension of operations of BlueBenx Finance products, including withdrawals, redemptions, deposits and transfers. »

On the same day as the attack, the company likely fired most of its employees. In total, more than 30 people would have been thankedaccording to the testimony of a former employee.

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Hack or good excuse?

Following these announcements, many users began to question this version of the facts. Thus, some consider that the company lied about the hack, to cover operating losses.

Indeed, like its competitors, in addition to its exchange service, BlueBenx offers various high-yield financial products. For example, it offered a 66% annual return on its DeFi fund.

Different offers offered by the BlueBenx platform.
Different CeFi offers offered by the BlueBenx platform.

Therefore, many users accuse the company of not not having succeeded in maintaining these miraculous yields. This would then have suffered large losses during the fall of the markets, as was particularly the case for Celsius.

In order not to have to recognize its faults, could the company have create this attack story from scratch to justify the disappearance of 32 million dollars? This is in any case the assumption of some customers of the exchange.

Interviewed by local media, Portal Do Bitcoin, a customer of the company does not believe the attack theory:

I think there is a high probability that this is a scam because this whole attack and hacker thing seems like a bunch of crap. This story seems to have been made up. »

Neither BlueBenx nor his lawyer has yet commented on this episode. The platform’s social networks remain desperately silent.

For its part, the giant Celsius continues its descent into hell. Recently, the company Ripple Labs, the originator of the eponymous cryptocurrency, has announced its interest in Celsius assets. A takeover proposal could well be on the horizon.

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