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10 good reasons to follow the Orlando Magic this season



Who says resumption of the NBA season says need for motivation. And who says need for motivation says…? Find good reasons! For each team of the 2022-23 season, we wanted to be useful, helpful, and a little funny if the subject allows it. Here are the 10 good reasons to follow the Orlando Magic over the next few months, between enthusiasm and the Erasmus program.

#1: Paolo Banchero’s NBA debut

Ever since 2004 with Dwight Howard, Orlando had been patiently waiting to pick No. 1 again, and when they got that right this year, their sights were set on Paolo Banchero. The Italian-American was not necessarily expected first on the stage of Adam Silver, but it is he who will make the heyday of the Magic in the years to come. His ultra-modern point-forward profile suits the needs of the Florida franchise perfectly and he will probably already have the keys to the attack with Franz Wagner. The Magic was looking for a face, it probably found it.

#2: Cole Anthony’s Post-Game Interviews

Because to follow the Magic, you don’t just have to talk about basketball, but sometimes you have to go off-court to hit the bars. It’s that or turn to less legal means, and these methods are probably used by Cole Anthony during interviews following his big games. After a game-winner against the Grizzlies, after scoring 33 points against the Jazz or even after a simple victory against the Nuggets, the son of Greg Anthony has the flow of speech of Busta Rhymes and the attitude of a guy who comes to have a helping of Heisenberg meth. Let’s hope that after each victory, Cole Anthony gratifies us with an incredible interview. There should therefore be a maximum of 25 this season.

#3: The second season of Franz Wagner

Landed in the shadow of Jalen Suggs in Orlando on the evening of the 2021 Draft, Franz Wagner was however much more sparkling than his teammate last season. The German simultaneously became the best rookie in his team and the best player in his family, relegating Jalen Suggs and Mo Wagner to the background. His consistency and versatility have made the Magic happy throughout the past season, as well as Germany in recent weeks during EuroBasket 2022. The former Michigan player scores more points per game than he utters words per month, he is only 21 years old and already plays almost like a daron, and it is not to displease the franchise of Mickey.

#4: Stuff that gets confused with Robin Lopez

Yes, Robin Lopez left this summer, joining the Cavaliers after a season at Disney. And currently, it is Stuff, the Magic mascot, made famous by Aaron Gordon during the 2016 dunk contest (which he should have won, like that of 2020), who must tremble. Indeed, RoLo is reputed to have an easy time with the other 29 NBA mascots. After having a year off, Stuff is once again exposed to Tahiti Bob’s knuckles. No doubt their reunion, based on signs and mammoth tackling, will be expected. They could have been followed by national television, but for that, the Magic would have had to be of interest to national television.

#5: The trade deadline for packaging your oldies

In Orlando, every player over the age of 25 is likely to be asked to pack up immediately. We will therefore end up believing that the Magic is managed by Leonardo Di Caprio… Terrence Ross has already been in the starting blocks for several seasons, his quality of shooting can potentially interest a contender in search of reinforcements for the title and points out. of bench. Gary Harris would also have been sent by Colissimo with certainty if his meniscus had not dropped during this offseason. Recently operated and already unavailable for at least 2 months, the former Nuggets represents this 3 & D profile sought by all contenders. Moreover, the two players cost $11.5 million and $13 million respectively this season, which is still reasonable. Youth is definitely in power in Orlando.

#6: The (real) beginnings of Jalen Suggs

If you ask a Magic aficionado what he thought of Jalen Suggs’ rookie season, he’ll say it didn’t exist and he doesn’t know what you want to talk to him about. It must be said that the former crackito of Gonzaga experienced a real delay in ignition… Between injuries and vile percentages, the leader fought for his baptism of fire in the NBA. He wanted with all his heart to take part in the Summer League 2022 in order to regain confidence and find sensations, but even that, his convalescence prevented him from doing so. However, Jalen Suggs will be back for the start of the season and should even start in Orlando, who needs his versatility and his rage on both sides of the field. We send some big shots like in the days of Gonzaga this year Jalen?

#7: COVID friendly hugs between Mo Bamba, Jonathan Isaac and Bol Bol

Someday there will be an explanation for Magic GM John Hammond’s fondness for guys with oversized arms, but not tomorrow, because there’s Jonathan Isaac, Mo Bamba and Bol Bol who have to run the length of the ground while standing at arm’s length. Here we have the only 3 guys who can hug each other from the stands of the Amway Center. It’s impressive, it allows you to respect barrier gestures, but otherwise it’s absolutely useless.

#8: The 4 games to be played against neighbor Miami

With 4 oppositions per season, Orlando players will not go to Vice City in GTA 6. Usually, a Magic season always begins with a match against its neighbor Miami, and a victory against the latter. But this season, the two Florida neighbors won’t meet for the first time until January 28, 2023 and the two teams’ record could well be symmetrical, as the Heat fight for first place in the East and the Magic fight. for first place in the Draft. Everyone has their own fight after all. The two teams will face off to end their respective seasons on April 9, 2023. But until then, the two teams won’t give a fuck.

#9: Magic CM Masterclasses

In Orlando we don’t win a lot of games but we know how to have fun. The CM has decided to go 365 days out of 365 in freewheeling, having even had to delete one of his recent tweets because of the “OnlyFranz” pun based on the NSFW social network “OnlyFans”. Fond of memes of all kinds, follower of trashtalking even being at 2 wins for 600 losses, the Magic Twitter account also has the habit of bombarding the file photos of its players, without any shame. In high school, the current community manager of the franchise must have disagreed with the phrase “What happens in the evening stays in the evening”. Whether to troll The knights Where the Pacers after a win. Whether to pull out photos folders from Mo Bamba Where Franz Wagnereven both. Whether to announce the arrival of Paolo Banchero or one very special transfer. Whether using memes for unveil the jerseysto prepare the resumption of the season or just thegetting first draft pick as well as prepare the final choice. You get masterclass after masterclass with a CM whose level is inversely proportional to that of your franchise.

#10: Markelle Fultz who still gives us hope

Since his transfer to Orlando, the No. 1 of the 2017 Draft seems to be a new player, endowed with a confidence that fled from him when he was with the Sixers, Markelle Fultz has shown great things in Florida. Even if his outside shot is still as far-fetched, he continues to try his luck from afar if the opposing defenders disrespect him. Despite his serious knee injury, he continues to play percussion and slasher mode. The point guard brings defense, management and scoring, and proves that he is a fighter and is not afraid of anything. Capable of slamming triple-doubles, we saw at the end of last season when he returned that he was still going to be important for this team. However, it is hoped, both for him and for the franchise, that these hopes are well founded and that he will regain even a part of the level that was promised to him.

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