Le marketing en temps de crise : défis et opportunités

▷ Marketing in times of crisis: challenges and opportunities



The pandemic and confinement have impacted the lives of all consumers, but also that of companies which have had to deal with an unprecedented crisis. With the impossibility for the employees to go to the company, the stores and the businesses which could not welcome their customers, it was necessary to find alternative solutions. From then on, marketing was able to do well by offering a customer-centric approach using all available levers such as online advertising, direct communications with flyers or e-mails.

More and more sought-after jobs

For many years, certain sectors of activity or professions were considered as support functions. In other words, during budget cuts, the latter were the first to suffer the consequences. However, with the arrival of the coronavirus, the roles have been completely changed. The graphic industry during the crisis was forced just like the distance selling sector to adapt to these new constraints. An effort that has allowed many companies to take advantage of the situation. Thus, certain jobs such as graphic designer, UX designer or project manager have seen their ratings rise with candidates who saw in these professions the possibility of flourishing, of working from home to work in the print sector but also in the digital. Marketing has therefore been able to take advantage of this new boom to highlight great opportunities.

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Employment in marketing: a new boom

For many years, marketing was limited to advertising with the sole purpose of selling a product. Now, with the customer back at the center of concerns, the functions present in a marketing department have become essential. Whether it’s an SEO expert, a social media specialist or an analyst, these jobs help the company better understand the customer and offer them a unique and personalized experience. In a context where the unemployment rate is unstable, marketing professions manage to stand out with numerous job offers and significant benefits.

What are the advantages of a job in marketing?

With telecommuting, multiple offers or career development opportunities, the online or physical marketing sector has many assets to attract candidates.

Jobs in print and digital

With the possibility of finding work at any time, including during times of crisis, marketing professions enjoy a unique attraction. Graphic designers, editors or analysts, many positions give the candidate the opportunity to work as much in the digital sector as in the print sector. From the design of a product to the establishment of a website through the management of customer relations, a wide choice is available for those looking for a secure job with prospects for development. Candidates can thus move from one sector to another while enhancing their experience.

The ability to work from anywhere

The Covid-19 has made it possible to highlight the importance of teleworking for employees. With an internet connection and a computer, digital jobs can be exercised from home or from abroad. A boon for digital nomads whose quest for personal fulfillment leads them to travel and enjoy life without neglecting their professional career. Unlike many professions where it is imperative to be present on the premises of the company, marketing offers the advantage of freeing itself from geographical constraints.

A rising salary

With the rise in inflation, salary has become an important element when looking for a job. The prospect of doing a job that is always in demand because of its usefulness within the company reassures many candidates. In order to convince them to join the company, employers are now offering competitive salaries. A real argument for negotiation, the possibility for the candidate to choose between several positions allows him to impose his conditions in terms of income.

Lots of job offers

Social networks dedicated to employment have become a real market where it is possible to stand out and get the job of your dreams. Despite the crisis, some professions continue to recruit and recruitment plans are on the rise for the years to come. The increasing digitization of companies is pushing them to select candidates who can juggle between print and digital.

What are the challenges of marketing?

Training to keep up to date

With critical consumers looking for novelty at a low price, companies find themselves in an ultra-competitive market where it is essential to stand out. For this, marketing must be ready for the new and continue to evolve constantly. Paper format, website and social networks, there are many media to communicate with customers. It is therefore essential to be trained in new technologies and to anticipate what will be the novelty of tomorrow. As evidenced by SEO where algorithms are constantly evolving, forcing experts to constantly adapt to new obligations.

Liberating the boundaries of the consumer market

With the arrival of the internet, it is now possible to buy products from abroad. Businesses now have more competition, especially with structures taking advantage of a market where labor is more accessible. If prices cannot be lowered, it is imperative to offer customers an unforgettable experience that takes into account their needs and desires. Through an appropriate marketing strategy, companies will be able to retain their customers while capturing a new target.

With the arrival of the crisis, companies were forced to modify their strategy in order to integrate new constraints. In this context, certain marketing professions have found an ideal place where their role is essential to the proper functioning of the company. A boon for candidates who are now in a strong position against an employer looking for the rare pearl.

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