Comment créer une personnalité de marque en email marketing ?

▷ How to create a brand personality in email marketing?



In email marketing, a strong brand persona creates recognition: customers who receive strongly branded emails can tell who the sender is as soon as they open the email without having to look at the “from” line. On average, consistent brand presentation increases revenue by 23% – a return on investment that most investors would salivate over. Luckily, building a strong messaging brand won’t cost you a penny…

By being creative and having simple design principles, it’s easy to create an instantly recognizable brand personality that customers will be happy to connect with and engage with. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of branded email marketing.

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Use a consistent branding model

Creating an email marketing template is an opportunity to reinforce who you are as a brand. The human brain is hardwired to recognize patterns, and this pattern recognition is the basis for establishing your brand. Think about how we associate logos and colors with mainstream brands.

Do you want to create this type of association and distinction with your customers? Create and use a consistent template for a successful email marketing strategy by ensuring consistency with logo treatment and placement, choice of color scheme, buttons that match your website.

Be sure to position your logo at the top of an email you send so it’s one of the first things your prospects and customers see when they click to open it. Adding an email signature with your logo can help add brand consistency to your email.

Customize your colors

Make sure you choose the right colors and use a consistent and recognizable color palette, because color increases brand awareness by 80%.

Curated Parcel’s email campaigns are a great example of strategic use of color. The brand has a clear and well-defined color palette, which makes it easier for consumers to recognize it. As soon as you open the email, you are greeted by a pleasant pastel pink. This color creates a mood that the rest of the email plays on. Scrolling down, you see that the color scheme is consistent with their products, which helps the brand expand its physical presence digitally.

In this other example, even though the background of the emails from VOOST Vitaminhaus is gray, it still manages to create an identity for the brand. The red and black of the logo is reflected in the image directly below, and the gray background complements the color palette nicely. The hues convey a sense of adventure and action, which builds on the identity the brand establishes.

Use consistent fonts

When choosing fonts for your emails, keep things simple. Using too many different fonts can make your emails look messy and not match your message. So try to use the same or two same fonts on all your channels. They should be recognizable without being overdone and distracting.

Use a consistent image/graphic style

When selecting images and graphics for your email campaigns, make sure they match your brand’s personality and style. Consider the tone you want your images and graphics to convey. If you use black and white photography, be sure to use it everywhere. If you choose hand-drawn illustrations, use them consistently as well.

Include relevant links

Encourage your audience to connect with you beyond the inbox. Include links and call-to-actions that lead to pages on your website, sign-up pages, and e-commerce store.

find your voice

This one may take some practice, but as you continue to send regular emails, you really need to think about the “voice” and brand personality you use in the messages you send. After all, your brand isn’t just about how your posts look: it’s also reflected in the content you write.

Take a look at some of your recent emails. Are you using a consistent voice that reflects the type of service your business offers? Does it appear to be from you or could it be mistaken for an email from another company?

Finding your voice will help your emails better connect with your readers and build your brand.

Successful email branding comes from applying these principles correctly to every email you send. All emails should have a unique look and writing style, elicit some type of emotional response, and clearly communicate what your business offers the recipient.

To go even further and create an effective emarketing strategy, take a look at this course certifying “Developing your activity with webmarketing”. From email marketing, to social networks, through natural referencing and influence marketing, you will have the keys to gaining visibility and developing your business thanks to web marketing.

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