▷ How to apply nudge marketing to your website?

▷ How to apply nudge marketing to your website?



Your traffic is there, but it does not click in the right place? Are your conversion rates not good enough? Are you already using all the necessary techniques to get them to the CTA, but nothing helps? But above all you don’t want to come off as that rug salesman who pushes the prospect too hard to take action ? So I’m going to explain to you what and how nudge marketing is going solve your problem, and will increase your conversions without frustrating your readers

Definition: Nudge Marketing

Nudge marketing, also called “incentive marketing” or “nudge”, makes it possible to modify the behavior of an individual by slightly modifying his environment.

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The strength of the nudge is that it directs the choices of an individual without forcing him to do something (he leaves the final choice to the individual).

This so-called “soft” incentive method widely used by public authorities is now popular with marketers.

And as an example speaks louder than words, let me show you the power of this concept (thanks to D. Kahneman and Richard Thaler who originated the nudge).

3 examples of effective uses

The fake fly in the urinals at Amsterdam airport

This is the best-known example in terms of incentive marketing.

In 2009, Amsterdam airport installed “fly” stickers in men’s urinals.

The goal? Encourage men to aim better.

Trajectory deviations being a real problem, because in addition to being disturbing from a cleanliness point of view, its cleaning requires the use of large quantities of water.

Results ? Millions of liters of water saved.

Investment stickers

It speaks to you, doesn’t it?

We have all seen it before, and even more so with the health crisis. The famous markings on the ground.

The goal? Establishing a route, enforcing distances, giving the direction of traffic… The goals are multiple.

Here, individuals will position themselves on the marking unconsciously and therefore respect the distances. Conversely, a simple poster indicating to respect the distances would have had only a weak effect.

Cigarette butt bins

Last example: cigarette butt bins.

The principle is simple: instead of throwing your cigarette on the ground once consumed, you use the butt to answer a vote.

Results ? Reducing waste in the city (and a response to the chocolatine / pain au chocolat debate).

More effective than a poster or sign announcing the prohibition to throw a cigarette on the ground.

At this point, you’re going to tell me “yes it looks effective, but I don’t see how to set it up on my site”.

It’s normal.

And yet, these are small details that you observe every day unconsciously on the internet without realizing it.

I show you !

What does online nudge marketing do?

Exactly the same.

Except it’s on your site.


For example, instead of telling your prospects to hurry up and buy a product before it’s gone, you can send them a notification showing how many people are viewing the same product at the same time.

In this way, the prospect will tend to quickly take action for fear that the product will go out of stock before his eyes.

You played on urgency without forcing the prospect.

Cellublue is a good example.

pop up

You can also use the nudge to feed your mail database.

Internet users rarely send you their email address automatically. So you have to ask them or encourage them through incentive marketing!

How to do it ?

It’s simple. Display a pop-up requesting the email of your prospects in exchange for a free ebook, subscription to a newsletter, to receive the results of a quiz…

The reader will be all the more inclined to send you his data in exchange for a reward (principle of reciprocity).

Social proof

Social proof is also an element of nudge marketing. You show your reader that they can trust you, because others have done it before them.

This goes through customer reviews, likes, number of views, your expertise on other media, customer testimonials…

This technique is used by the Junto agency.

Default choice

Some companies offer several tariffs for its services, ranging from the low end to the premium version.

The problem is that a large number of choices often leads to indecision and therefore less action.

This is where nudge marketing will help you.

When you offer multiple choices to the prospect, point them to the best-selling option (the customer’s favorite).

Thus you accompany the reader in his decision-making.

Note: select a central category (between the low price and the high price) to increase the chances that the prospect who would have initially chosen the low-end service will now choose the mid-range.

Hostinger practices this strategy.


The nudge can also be integrated into your emails.

When a prospect has viewed a product but hasn’t placed an order, send them a reminder email.

Attention ! Avoid phrases such as “you have consulted such an article without following up, buy it now!”.

Instead, recall the interest that the prospect had for such product, and encourage him to consult the article again to place an order.


Nudge marketing is a very powerful and easy to implement marketing tool.

Using it on your site will allow you to achieve your goals without the reader feeling obligated to perform an action.

Examples and ideas for inspiration are abundant on the web, so you won’t run out of ideas to differentiate yourself.

And don’t forget: encourage rather than oblige!

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